We are the No. 1 aggregates producer in North America
Last year we produced 185.9 million tons of aggregates

Aggregates, an essential ingredient in many construction materials, are inert granular materials, such as sand, gravel or crushed stone. The uses for aggregates are many and varied: in the asphalt pavements used to make roads, in the concrete for bridges, in golf course sand traps, and in building foundations, to name a few.

We provide aggregates for the infrastructure, commercial, and residential markets. From small- to large-sized aggregates, we fulfill each order to meet customer specifications. 

Because we are a vertically integrated organization, a large percentage of the aggregates we produce are sold internally, which promotes company-wide financial growth and efficiency.

We take pride in differentiating ourselves from other aggregates providers by providing exceptional customer service and quality.

More Than Just Crushing Rocks

We go above and beyond simply complying with regulations. We continuously work to maintain and improve quality, safety, and social responsibility.

Our aggregates facilities and reserves are located throughout the United States and serve local markets, keeping transportation costs down for our customers. Many of our companies are regional aggregates providers available to help customers with product-specific information, location details and costs.

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