Partners & Programs

Employees nationwide devote time and resources to a variety of causes and have helped to improve their communities in many different ways, including feeding the hungry, donating toys and clothing for underprivileged children, raising awareness about life-threatening illnesses, participating in charity walks and other events, and educating students in local schools about the materials industry and associated careers.

Many of our local companies show their support for local nonprofits in a very visible way, theming concrete-mixer trucks that serve as moving billboards for the causes. In addition to spreading their message and raising awareness as they travel to and from work sites, these trucks often are popular attractions at fundraisers and special events.

At a corporate level, we actively support a number of strategic partners and programs, here are a few examples of our work:

Habitat for Humanity Builds
CRH Outreach Habitat for Humanity

We began a national partnership with Habitat for Humanity in 2010. Each year we alternate support between a home in Atlanta, GA and a state where there is a large constituency of our businesses to build a home for a family. Every build that we participate in involves our products, materials and the support of our people through hundreds of volunteer hours each year.

Rock Build Our World

CRH Outreach Rock Build Our WorldThis program for elementary students teaches about the rocks that make up our world as well as conservation and safety. Through this educational enrichment program, students learn about the rock cycle, different types of rocks and are introduced to aggregate mining, asphalt and concrete businesses. The program aligns to school state standards for grades three to five and is designed to support teaching the science curriculum through a number of active learning activities that focus on class participation to keep students engaged.

Wildlife Habitat Council Sites
CRH Outreach Wildlife Habitat Council

In 2004, we established a partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council, a conservation organization that helps corporations and other groups to establish sites on their lands to preserve and enhance biodiversity. We own and maintain 16 certified wildlife habitats, covering more than 3,330 acres of land across nine US states and Canada.

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